social constructs of identity

In my work, I explore themes around the social constructs of identity and trace how race, class and gender factors into one’s perception of the “self”. “To be seen through my own eyes,” is an idea that I constantly play with as an African American female artist. Through photography, lm and mixed media, I wrestle with internalized life experiences to challenge the sociopolitical systems that shape our psychological self and perception. In my visuals, I create hyper-emotive counter narratives that ask if the “self” can survive independently without these social constructs. What lies beyond these boundaries and what would these new images look like? 

Christie Neptune received her B.A. in Visual Arts from Fordham University. Currently, she is working on a 3-Part Experimental Multi­Media Series, Eye of The Storm (EOTS), which uses exhibition space and social media as a platform to facilitate discussions, workshops and forums on mental health in communities of color.

Neptune has exhibited at the 440 Gallery and the Rush Gallery among others. She has constructed narratives in written and visual form for the 79th Precinct and the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s club, Inc (NANBPWC), Brooklyn Chapter. Neptune works primarily with film, photography and mixed media. She uses these mediums to create provocative images that challenges the limits of self within the collective world.