the hamiltonian fellowship program

…serves as a steppingstone for emerging visual artists who have finished their academic training and are looking to transition into a professional art career. Inspired by the post-doctoral education model of the sciences, the fellowship program seeks to create a stimulating environment for continued artistic and professional growth.

Through a comprehensive suite of professional exhibition opportunities and hands-on, skill-building trainings, all Hamiltonian Fellows gain valuable insight into the contemporary art market, while learning how to manage and promote their career. Through gallery exhibitions and art fairs, they enjoy heightened visibility and actively grow their professional networks over the course of the two-year program.

“The fellowship brings emerging artists into the world of art galleries and art fairs, while providing financial support and career guidance. It is up to the individual artist to make the most of these experiences and the exposure, as they are only early steps in an art career, but they are steps that most artists never get the chance to take.”

- Michael Enn Sirvet, Hamiltonian Fellow 2008-2010

the nuts and bolts

Hamiltonian is committed to providing professional exhibition and development opportunities to all artists for the entire duration of their fellowship. In return, fellows are expected to participate in a core set of activities and are asked to take full advantage of the various resources provided to via the fellowship and Hamiltonian Gallery.

For the duration of their tenure, all fellows will receive gallery representation from Hamiltonian Gallery. Should a fellow decide to move on to other artistic opportunities or receives representation with another commercial gallery during his or her term, Hamiltonian Artists reserves the right to offer the fellowship position to an alternate candidate.

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