Long Island City Horror Film Festival

Annette Isham debuts her latest work on October 27th 2012 at the Long Island City Horror Film Festival at 5 Pointz and Local Project Art Space featuring the following selected short films who participated in 2012 Open Call.

  1. ★   “Anne Lake” by Annette Isham from North Woods
  2. ★   “The Story of Mrs. Crumley” by Byron Guinanzaca from Queens, New York
  3. ★   “T.A.T”  by Wilmer Pozo from Quito, Ecuador
  4. ★   “Polterzeitgeist” by Carl Diehl from Portland, OR
  5. ★   “A Red Line” by Ellen Wetmore from Fitchburg MA
  6. ★   “Ante Fenestram Somniat in Albo (Against the Window, She Dreams in
    White)” by Scott F. Hall & Janae N. Corrado from Merrit Island, FL
  7. ★   “Cables” by Luis Enriquez from Quito, Ecuador
  8. ★   “Promethean Dreams” by Matt McKee from Hyde Park, MA
  9. ★   “The Obscure Red” by Sofia Escobar from Toronta, Canada
  10. ★   “Cadaver Sex With Minors” by Ulysses Castellanos from Toronto Canada
  11. ★   “Sacrebleu” by Fabian Elias Jimenez from Queens, New York
  12. ★   “Year Zero” by Richard Cunningham from New York
  13. ★   “Tenant Patrol” by Ray and Rita Normandeau from Queens, New York

+ guest films selected by artistic curator Jason Artiga and executive curator Gabriel Roldos