Washington, DC March 2012
Art and Home Fuse in Georgetown
Artist Michael Enn Sirvet opens at Adlon Design
Reception March 30, 6 – 8 pm
Adlon Showroom – 1028 33rd Street NW – Washington DC 20007
Washington – Artist Michael Enn Sirvet and Adlon Design are pleased to announce an installation of the artist’s work at their Georgetown venue. For the Adlon exhibition, Sirvet has created new works and pairs them with select sculptures of metal, polymers, wood, and light.

Adlon Design will launch Sirvet’s contemporary design pieces, which are functional sculpture in their own right. The partnership was establishedwhen the Adlon design team and Sirvet came together to create a one-of- kind sculptural wall for a private residence.

Sirvet describes his work as a “collision between industrial precision and natural organic forms.” Across the different aspects of Sirvet’s work, from sculpture to contemporary craft and design, his style is connected. The works are wedded by an interpretation of transformation as seen in the natural world and the impact of mankind. The artist turns metal into flame and polymers into light, causing the viewer to consider alternative form.

A former structural engineer, Sirvet has been working full time as an artist for the past several years. While 2011 saw the completion of several public art pieces, Sirvet’s first DC public art project was completed in November of 2011 in downtown. “Farragut Spheres,” a light sculpture of 20 aluminum convex disks riddled with 139,847 holes that allow the light from orange and yellow LEDs to pour through, can now be seen at the Farragut West Metro station on Farragut Square Park.


Michael Enn Sirvet is a contemporary sculptor, craftsman and designer who creates two and three-dimensional works using metals, hardwoods,  polymers and other materials. Michael’s vision makes use of industrial and hand processes to restructure and fuse the organic chaos of nature with the crafted precision of manmade construction. His works are reflections of his musing upon nature, science and sensuality. He lives and works in Washington DC. Visit his website at


Adlon is a constantly evolving Design Workshop. Stemming from a 12 year retail experience and expanding to a full-service interior design source. The unique Georgetown space is not only home for major European furniture brands, but also the setting where creativity and originalityare brought together. As it continues to be a platform for established talent in the 3D arts. Visit for more information.

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