Dear Friends,

You may remember that in early January a water main break on U Street, NW, flooded the basement of Hamiltonian Gallery. With water levels reaching close to six feet, the flood severely damaged the paintings, sculptures and photography of our Hamiltonian Fellows, many beyond the point of repair.

Losing pieces from a complete body of work is a major setback for our fellows and their careers. It is now, more than ever, that they need our support.  Please help our fellows rebuild their portfolios by donating  to their 2012 Fellowship Stipend, today.

“The annual fellowship stipend covered my material costs for each exhibition, as well as my monthly transportation expenses. As an artist without a car, I was able to freely commute back and forth between Baltimore and D.C., and make new, valuableconnections with curators, galleries, collectors and artists that will last beyond my fellowship. This increased exposure has led to new opportunities like my participation in the Transformer Auction in D.C. and my Montpelier Arts Center exhibition in Laurel, MD.” 

                                              Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, Hamiltonian Fellow 2010-2012


Your generous contributions will provide the fellows with the means to seek out new resources and career-changing experiences that propel their professional development and continueto strengthen their artistic success. 

As our friends and supporters, I ask for your help in this crucial drive.A contribution of any size will help our fellows continue to thrive and keep Hamiltonian Artists resilient for the future! Please consider making a tax-deductible donation below or call us at 202-332-1116. 


Thank you for helping us cheer on this exemplary group of hardworking and innovative artists by allowing them to recuperate from their loss and continue their bright and promising futures.



Paul So
Executive Director & Founder of Hamiltonian Artists