obvious fiction & observable fact

Technological advances in digital imaging have given artists and others the power to muddy the waters between obvious fiction and observable fact. Photography as a medium has too often been mistaken as a truly indexical and “truthful” image-making technology and art form. While the ease with which images can now be manipulated and disseminated has increased with advances in software and the advent of digital photography, the medium at its core is one which presents a kind of false truth, as all photographs are subjective images, even those made by machine.

The primary action in photography, framing the image, is one by which elements of a scene or subjects are excluded, conflated, monumentalized, sublimated, flattened, isolated or otherwise given emotional weight apart from what is experienced by the un- aided eye. Photography’s chief action is perhaps to recontextualize the objects, people and environments we observe. To some degree, all of my work stems from this basic premise and underscores the slippery nature of photographic “fact.”