contrasts in material and concept 

Contrasts in material and concept dictate the environments I create.  Familiar life-sized objects allow the audience to place themselves in the work physically or psychologically.  Accessible, sometimes mundane spaces or symbols beg for interaction. A door, a place to sit, a drain cap, or a lamp serve as materials or tools.  These ideas are presented in an extraordinary manner, creating an entirely new relationship between one another, leading to a new experience yielded from real things.  Upfront this mystery invites one in their curiosity and confusion.  A further element of surprise is found upon the discovery that certain obtainable manufactured parts are instead meticulously hand crafted. 

An engagement and interaction is achieved between the viewer and the space through sound, light, video/slide projections, a kinetic element, or another provocation of the human senses.  Clashing themes such as public and private, industry and homestead, or personal and shared space are contrasted in a seamlessly peculiar manner.  One is drawn to spend time with the works looking for an answer or a resolution.  The viewers interaction, internal or not, often completes the experience. The works often illuminate personal spaces or ideas of my own, yet an in-explainable mystery lends each individual experience to hold as much importance.  Perplexities of these contrasting ideas of mine drive me to keep working.  Solving both material and conceptual problems through process examines these things I contemplate. I strive to have a captivating conversation with the viewer by placing them in an environment or setting.