quarreling with the balance and flow 

Upon entering any space we search for visual markers. We look first for the windows, doorways, and light switches, then our gaze moves on to the oor, ceiling, vents, embellishments, and aws. It doesn’t take long to nd our bearings in a new space, but the subtle nuances can be examined for hours. Some of these elements work harmoniously together while others strike discord. My recent work plays off of this balance in a space between the comfortable and the distressing; creating sculptures that share a like-minded aesthetic to the space in which they exist while still quarreling with the balance and flow of a room. 

Rob Hackett is a visual artist and MFA candidate at the University of Maryland by way of Pittsburgh, PA. His work focuses primarily on geometric and architecturally inspired imagery in the form of sculpture and various print media.

Rob’s work was recently on display at the Andy Warhol Museum in a national exhibition highlighting emerging artists in printmaking.