objects that become spaces

My recent artworks are objects that become spaces. Each of these installations needs the human body as a basic ingredient to be complete. They are based on the idea of the space in constant movement as it mutates and makes connections.

Jackets, umbrellas, sweaters…I use this common personal items as a symbol of a living area. When we wear something, we are placed into a second skin traditionally seeing as an object, and at the same time, we situate ourselves mentally in a certain position.

Motivated by my personal experience as a Colombian migrant first in Austria and now in the USA, the subject of relocation is intrinsic to my recent work. I am conscious of the many negative aspects surrounding integration for the migrants as well as the “host” societies. But I think of the movements of peoples as a historical and global event. Past nomadic human history and the economic globalization of the present shows us that migration is a natural strategy for survival. We go where we think it will be safer, where there is work, where physically and emotionally we feel better. National borders and anti-immigration laws cannot stop the flow of humans in transit.

My work is an experiment of connections between the object and space, the individual and the collective, the static and the transitory, and between private and public space.