art is a laboratory.

Art is a laboratory. It gives the freedom to explore concepts and to test ideas that may not have a home in any one discipline. It is a place that allows me to employ a diverse set of tools and techniques from a variety of fields and crafts. I am not interested in simply thinking about the world; I think via the world. It is through substance, process, technology, and social interaction that meaning is discovered and made. My artistic practice is conceptually driven, but grounded in making, whether that making be sculptural, digital, craft- based, electronic, or social. I often combine many of these in the process: in a single piece, I might conduct historical research, use commercial software, write custom computer scripts, operate a digital laser cutter, paint, and employ carpentry and fine furniture making techniques.

My recent work explores a diverse range of networks, examining their structures and effects in a broad philosophical sense and in a focused technical sense. I search for structural similarities in objects or situations that may not be expected. These kinds of connections might stitch together a table, a toggle switch, and a moral argument. This work is not some attempt to provide a singular mystical key to the universe, nor is it a simple continuation of Modernist classification systems. This project involves thinking across pre- existing taxonomical categories in an attempt to provide an alterative understanding of our evermore- complex world.