enable a new generation of artists to realize their professional goals and aspirations.


Your donation is vital in helping Hamiltonian Artists provide professional development opportunities and important career resources to emerging visual artists. Giving to Hamiltonian Artists is a direct investment in the artistic success and visibility of our fellows and enables a new generation of artists to realize their professional goals and aspirations.

Donate By Mail

Please print the Donation Form, fill it out and send it to the gallery:
1353 U Street NW Suite 101
Washington, DC  20008

In-Kind Donation

Artists have a variety of needs. Contact giving@hamiltonianartists.org if you have a question about an in-kind gift.


Corporate Sponsorship

Your company can partner with Hamiltonian Artists by giving to the annual fund, underwriting a specific exhibition, artists, program or by becoming a sponsor of an annual event. Please contact us with more details or any questions.

Please know that your contribution is fully tax-deductible as no goods or services were provided in exchange for this contribution. Hamiltonian Artists has been determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c) (3). A copy of that determination letter is available should you wish to receive a copy.


As DC’s premiere fellowship program for emerging visual artists and Hamiltonian is continually working to develop new opportunities to advance the professional and entrepreneurial development of artists in the greater Washington, DC metro area.

We could not produce our unique and innovative programs without the generous support of the following institutions, foundations, and individuals:



Anneliese Sullivan

Becky Borlan

Ben Carter

Christopher Wang

Ellyn Weiss

Erik moe

felix ANgel

George Koch

Giorgio Ascoli

Gregory Kearley

J.T. Yaung

JAnay' turner

Jane Wendelin

Junaita and Mel HardY


Lauren and Bruce Gluckman

Linda Page Carr

Linn Meyers

Lynn hackney 

Mahy Dimitriou Polymeropoulos

Mary Early

Mary Murphy

Matthew Newsome

Max Repaci

Maxine Singer

Milton Wong

Molly Ruppert

moNICA jahan bose

Natalie Aliga

Nathan Wallace

Nicholena Moon

Page Carr

Paul Beito

Paul So

Peter Kurczynski



Rebekah Pineda

Robert Fardi

Sarah Bright Yaneza

Sondra Arkin

Stefan Schwarzkopf

stephen Hrutka

Susan Main

Theodore Dumas

William Richardson



National Endowment for the Arts



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