Starting today, we will feature one Activation 2719 artist a day. The opening reception for Activation 2719, a pop-up gallery in Columbia Heights, is this Saturday the 20th. It is being presented by No Kings Collective, and it will be hosted by them as well as us here at ReadysetDCIf you plan to attend, RSVP here.

DC has a lot of promise and potential and is moving in the right direction. This close knit community makes the DC art scene eccentric while offering art and artists that can be exhibited in any city.

All original photos by Allicia. Additional photos provided by the artist.

Following the “Call + Response” exhibition at Hamiltonian Gallery, I had the opportunity to speak to one of the participating artists from the show. Going on to the second year of his fellowship with Hamiltonian Gallery, Bryan Rojsuontikul and I discussed the local art scene and his future outlook at his live in work space.

Atek: Describe your aesthetic.

BR: My works consist of a lot of color filled space and mixed media installations. There is a philosophical notion of chaos and order that underline the context of my works. I am interested in the exploration of new mediums and materials such as utilitarian materials.

Atek: What makes your style unique?

BR: I guess it would be my approach and the process of multimedia installations using everyday materials. Transforming space in a post-minimalist manner. It is about an investigative method of making art more than an end result. I don’t see an exhibition as the end of the works but a part of an ongoing process that spills out of the studio practice. A starting point.

Atek: Is there a common theme to your work?

BR: There is always a common theme in the works. Each work has a common thread whether in context, medium, or concept. One work usually influences the next. Color and non-traditional materials can be commonly found in the works.

Atek: What is the most important piece that you have created thus far?

BR: I would say it is “Gunmetal Blue and Bloodshed Red“.

Atek: Who are your influences?

BR: People, places, and things!

Atek: You turned your apartment into a studio. In regards to studio space, are there decent spots for artists to produce their work or a need for space in the District?

BR: Studio space in the District is very limited. I felt it would be a lot more efficient to turn my apartment into a studio. A lot of the artists I know usually work within their homes or apartments but overall there is a need for more studio spaces for artists. It would be nice to have more in the city.

Atek: What are your thoughts on DC’s art scene? What makes it unique compared to other cities?

BR: The DC art scene is a small scene. It is an intimate scene. You will see a lot of familiar faces at exhibitions and throughout the art community. DC has a lot of promise and potential and is moving in the right direction. This close knit community makes the DC art scene eccentric while offering art and artists that can be exhibited in any city.

Atek: If you could work with one artist (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

BR: That would be Tom Friedman. I like his post-minimalist approach on art and his obsessive labor intensive process of making art. Most importantly, I like how he manipulates ordinary materials into works that are experimental but refined.










Atek: How did you become involved with Activation 2719?

BR: I have known “No Kings Collective” for quite some time and was asked to be in the show as one of the artists.

Atek: What are your favorite galleries?

BR: My favorite gallery in DC would be Hamiltonian Gallery. I like the diversity of young emerging artist and professional artist working together. Most importantly I like how Hamiltonian Gallery supports the local art scene. Secondly my favorite museum is the Hirshhorn. I like to follow contemporary art and see what artists are doing today to change the current context. Third, Miami Basel which is an international art fair where the world of art comes to you in one city and its bliss. You can experience every type of art imaginable!

I just realized you asked in DC but I mentioned Miami . . . !








Atek: You have two openings on Saturday, one at Hamiltonian Gallery and the other with No Kings Collective at Activation 2719. Give us a glimpse of what to expect for your upcoming show, “Words in Space”, with the Hamiltonian Gallery?

BR: You can expect a lot of color filled space by way of multimedia installation and some thought provocative social commentary!










Words w/ Bryan Rojsuontikul [Activation 2719]