In preparation for its final exhibition of the season, Hamiltonian Gallery enlisted local artist Zoë Charlton to curate a group show featuring all ten of the gallery's fellows. Calling the show “Fellows Converge,” Charlton created a chain in which each artist represents a link, and encouraged them to work closely with their neighbors on either side to influence each other's creative process during the two months leading up to the exhibition. “The question isn't 'How are we influenced by other artists?'” says Charlton, “but rather ‘How might considering another artist's creative process be a way to reexamine and refine our own practice?’”

In spite of this daisy chain theme—or perhaps because of it—the resulting pieces remain highly individual. One piece by Jonathan Monaghan depicts an architectural model of a well-known gentlemen's club literally swaying in the wind, rendered in 3D animation that could easily be mistaken for live video. (Monaghan now works for MakerBot Industries, the geniuses who brought us the 3D printer recently featured on The Colbert Report.)

Another piece by Joyce Lee consists of two video projections separated by a wall. On one side, a tranquil pool of water is projected on the floor, its surface vaguely reflecting the turrets of a nearby structure. Only after crossing to the other side do we see, projected on the wall, the mansion hinted at in the pool, creating a three-dimensional piece that can only be seen one part at a time.

“Fellows Converge: Broadly Thinking” runs through Aug. 6. Hamiltonian Gallery is located at 1353 U Street NW, Suite 101, open Tuesday through Saturday from 12-6 p.m. A panel discussion with the artists will be held on Wednesday, July 13 at 7 p.m.

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