Ryan Hoover moved to Baltimore nine years ago to earn an MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. Previously, he earned a BFA from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where he completed a dual major in philosophy and fine art (sculpture). He currently resides in Lauraville with his wife, the artist Lillian Bayley Hoover. Hoover notes Baltimore's thriving artistic community and his job at MICA as benefits of his life here, while “as a fellow at Hamiltonian Gallery in D.C., I've also gotten to know and appreciate the D.C. art community over the past couple of years, and I think there is a growing connection between the artists in these two cities.” According to the artist, “My artistic practice focuses upon the development of technology and its effect on the individual and society. I use my work not to simply comment on this topic, but also to actively explore these issues. As a philosophy student, I was first drawn to making sculpture because it offered so many new tools for testing ideas. To large extent I still use art to explore and better understand the world, through a process of research, making, sharing, and dialogue. Though trained in more traditional craft techniques, particularly woodworking, my work typically incorporates digital media through electronics, embedded web technologies, and computer-aided machining. Interweaving these multiple processes keeps me from being too seduced by the mode-thinking inherent to any one discipline. It also helps me to create works that I hope others will find intriguing and substantive enough to bring them to new considerations of the world around them.”