The latest crop of young artists selected for the Hamiltonian Gallery’s annual fellowships introduce themselves with “new. (now).” — a show whose title resists being used in a conventionally punctuated sentence. The six participants, all recent MFAs, offer videos, collages, photographs and a fake historical marker denoting where a guy lost his virginity. Did I mention these artists are young?

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The tyranny of fashion is one theme: Milana Braslavsky photographs women with handbags over their heads, and Annette Isham shoots the travels of one amazonian in absurdly towering platform shoes. Process is also big: Billy Friebele makes video-derived “drawings” of paths walked through cities, while Jerry Truong shows both a large abstract patterned pencil drawing and a video of an artist (presumably him, and apparently naked) who’s executing such a drawing. And then there’s Timothy Thompson, the historical-marker parodist. He also contributed “Twist to Open,” a cast-iron twist-top manhole cover. It’s silly, but likably so.

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