Matthew Mann was born in Kansas City, Missouri and lives and works in Washington, D.C. He received his MFA from American University in 2002. Recent exhibitions include “Good and Dead” at Penn State Harrisburg, “Four Ring Circus” at Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia, and “The Cinecitta Chapel” at Flashpoint Gallery in Washington DC.  Mann is currently a Fellow at Hamiltonian Artists.

Artist’s Statement:

“Fiction, myth, and contradiction within the history of images and image making is most relevant to the paintings that I make. I want to amplify the illogical in images and exploit their shifting meanings and contexts. My paintings have always been concerned with the intersection of pictorial strategies and visual perception, and the process of borrowing and antagonizing the logic of images -from filmic techniques, to cartoons, to painting- is a way to inhabit the mediation of visual experience and muddle pictorial hierarchies. My theory goes that, by this method I can delay linearity enough to open a pathway between viewers and the paintings, enabling them to imagine within the paintings rather than be prescribed meaning and concepts.”—Matthew Mann