Stopgap, by Lisa Dillin

Baltimore sculptor Lisa Dillin has been known to create spectacles where office furniture, faux vegetation, and industrial lighting confuse the man-made and the natural world in clever ways. Stopgap, her most recent exhibit at Gallery Four, brought her fascination with artificial nature to a participatory level, so that the viewer could not only appreciate her well-crafted detail, but also wear it, taste it, and be it. The show included a spray-tan performance where volunteers donned specially made tanning uniforms to be airbrushed into a bronzy glow by the artist. Once tan, participants could enter a cave/lounge where imitation rocks served as comfy chairs and a secret beer fridge. In addition, Stopgap featured a giant communal water fountain inspired by a woodland watering hole, a giant linoleum floor depicting dinosaur bones, and a perplexing room full of hybrid office furniture and ferns. In Stopgap, viewers were surrounded, submerged, and ensconced in Dillin’s artistic vision, which created a unique sensory experience few artists can match.

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