Each Spring, Hamiltonian Gallery culminates its year of exhibitions by selecting an established artist to curate and exhibit in a group show that will include all of the Hamiltonian Fellows. This year, we are honored to have renowned sculptor, David Page, to conceptualize the theme for this compelling show, and to put to task the Hamiltonian Fellows as well as himself.

Hamiltonian Gallery is proud to present Private Practice: Bad Ideas, Dead Ends and Guilty Pleasures.

As written by David Page:
During his trial before the Inquisition for heresy (for including extraneous elements such as drunkards dwarves monkeys and armed Germans in a biblical painting) the 16th century painter, Veronese declared the following: “We painters take the same license the poets and the jesters take” or in another translation: “We painters allow ourselves the same liberties as do poets and madmen.”

Today, the notion of poetic license is well trodden, but the assertion of jester’s, fool’s or even madman’s license is still interesting and provocative.

A colleague, when asked if he kept a sketchbook answered in the affirmative, adding almost sheepishly: “… If only to record my bad ideas.”

A loft in my studio is dedicated to the storage of half-baked attempts and fragments that have defied resolution for any number of reasons. This bone-yard of failures serves as my storehouse of ideas.

The problem with success is that we are tempted to emulate it, we develop formulae, develop a “brand”; we begin to believe our own mythology. In short we take ourselves too seriously.

While I sincerely wish the fellows overwhelmingly more success than failure, my charge is for them to occasionally root trough their own mishaps, incomplete ideas impossible plans and improbable scenarios: The madman’s liberty for which our old friend Veronese risked his neck.

Artists: David Page, Christian Benefiel, Jon Bobby Benjamin, Anne Chan, Ian MacLean Davis, Leah Frankel, Linda Hesh, Mike Iacovone, Magnolia Laurie, Katherine Mann, Jonathan Monaghan, Bryan Rojsuontikul, Michael Enn Sirvet, and Lina Vargas De La Hoz.