Hamiltonian Artists is excited to host mentor Holly Bass' Professional Development Speaker Series (PDSS) program: Money Moves: Grant Writing As Artistic Practice. 

This workshop/panel will offer useful strategies and approaches to writing successful local and national grants. The session will also feature a mini-grant panel in action and suggestions for artists interested in serving as panel judges. More importantly, we hope to shift the idea that grant writing is a hoop to jump through or rigged lottery system and to see it as an inherently valuable creative process.

Holly Bass, Artistic Director, Holly Bass|360
Julianne Brienza, CEO/Co-founder of Capital Fringe
Zoe Charlton, Associate Professor of Art at American University
Michael Orlove, Director of Artist Communities, National Endowment for the Arts

Hamiltonian Artists would like to thank Holly Bass, Julianne Brienza, Zoe Charlton, Michael Orlove and everyone who attended the Money Moves: Grant Writing As Artistic Practice program.