Hamiltonian Artists is excited to host Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann's Professional Development Speaker Series (PDSS) program: Reimagining Residencies

This panel will discuss non-traditional and DIY residencies, including strategies and experiences of creating your own residency, and residencies for artists with children, jobs, and non-studio oriented practices.

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, artist, residency hopper
Calder Brannock, founder, Adventure Residency and Camper Contemporary
Don Kimes, artistic director, Chautauqua Institution and founder of the Next Step residency in Umbria, Italy


Hamiltonian Artists would like to thank Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, Calder Brannock, Don Kimes and everyone who attended the Reimagining Residencies program. 

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann's Residency list and resources:

Residency list

Sustainable Arts Foundation - a grant opportunity for parents

Reimagining Residencies part one

Reimagining Residences part two