Hamiltonian Artists is excited to host mentor Holly Bass' Professional Development Speaker Series (PDSS) program: Money Moves: Grant Writing As Artistic Practice. 

This two-part program; panel and workshop will offer useful strategies and approaches to writing successful local and national grants. More importantly, we hope to shift the idea of grant writing as a hoop to jump through or rigged lottery system and to see it as an inherently valuable creative process.

Part I will focus on approaches local artists have taken to fund their projects. The session will also feature a mock grant panel in action and suggestions for artists interested in serving as panel judges.

Part II will be run like a grant panel, offering artists a behind-the-scenes look at how judges might view their submissions. The session will also allow time for seminar-style writing exercises and feedback. Please submit 3 -5 images of your work and a project statement (no more than 150 words) by March 5th. In the subject line, write “Money Moves Workshop Submission”

or email - james@hamiltonianartists.org

Panelists for February 27: Holly Bass (artist, DC), Ada Pinkston (artist, MD/DC), Michael Orlove (National Endowment for the Arts). This program will be hosted at the Hamiltonian Gallery, 1353 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 

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Workshop facilitators for March 9: Holly Bass (artist, DC), Stephen Towns (artist, MD), TBD This program will be hosted at the Oculus Realty's Carriage House, 2900 Connecticut NW, Washington, DC 20008

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